Not many companies can show a track record that spans a century. OSI Group has been beating odds for more than a hundred years and how they remain relevant in such a competitive industry boils down to the management that has been I place since the company was founded. The family-based business has had innovative leaders who have looked to improve the company and all its operations. The result is an empire that has its imprint in seventeen countries, with a total of 65 facilities. The 20,000 employees working for OSI are as vital a part of the company as the asset that the company owns.

OSI Group started off as a small entity. It was founded by a German Immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky in Chicago in 1909 as a butchery and meat retail market. Within a decade, the business had expanded to become a wholesaler. The company opened another outlet in Maywood, Chicago. The gradual growth prompted the name of the business to change in 1928. Soon, the firm partnered with McDonald Restaurant, which was still a small business at the time. This partnership soon became a national phenomenon. Otto & Sons was McDonald’s primary beef provider in the coming years.

Emerging trends such as flash freezing only made Otto & Sons’ work easier as they were able to supply more meat to McDonald’s. The company even built a facility in West Chicago to supply McDonald’s. Otto & Sons was experiencing growth as a result, prompting another rebrand. OSI Group came into being. The partnership between McDonalds and OSI broke into the international market, starting in Germany and then Spain. The rest of Europe followed suit.

OSI Group has been building its empire since then and continues to do so. Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, it has even acquired other companies that are in the food production industry such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. This has brought a diversification from its original beef production. Now, the company supplies chicken, mutton, and bacon from its numerous outlets in America and Europe. With the various assets that OSI has created along with the trust of consumers, the growth of this company is prophetic.

OSI Group knows what the customer wants because it always involves its consumers when they want to make a change. The use of technology to give the best is also a factor that proves why OSI is the go-to company when it comes to supplying food to organizations or the community.