Paul Mampilly’s Actions of Selflessness Surprise Many Americans

Within the recent past, Paul Mampilly has been on the forefront of the campaign that is geared towards the improvement of the common American citizens. This has been after long observation of how the financial and investment management institutions have been neglecting the low-income earners in their business practices. For instance, not every American can afford to pay for an investment expert to advise them on the best techniques to invest their small income so that they can generate substantial investment from it. The only people who have been benefiting from the savvy advice and expertise of the finance and investment gurus are the wealthy investors who invest their funds in those big organizations that afford to recruit the relevant professionals to manage their funds.

As a result of this discrepancy, the rich have continued to get richer while the low-income earners remain in a vicious cycle of poverty. In such situations, it becomes very difficult for the poor to contribute to the building of the economy and instead, they tend to drag the economic development. After this observation, Paul Mampilly decided that he would not continue to serve the few minorities of the American tycoons while the majority of the Americans remain poor and unserved. He quit his job to figure out a way in which he could reach these small investors and advise them on the way forward.

The first initiative that Paul Mampilly took to accomplish his mission of serving the larger part of the society was to join the Banyan Hill Publishing. His new role as a senior editor at the media house could enable him to deliver his service as intended. The second part involved recruitment of young investment enthusiasts that could help him to perform analysis on the data available from the investment market. After the analysis, Paul Mampilly and his team publish the information from the analysis in the manner that the layman in the audience can understand and use it to make rational decisions on investment. Since he took the new line of service, Paul confesses that he feels happier for the great service to his community and also for the sufficient time that he affords for his family.

Fortress Investment Group – Aquisitions and Growth

The American investment management firm Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998 in the city of New York by a group of investors. The equity firm is currently being led by its interim Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Mr. Randam A Nardone. Mr. Peter L Briger is at the post of President and Co-chairman together with Mr. Wesley R Edens who is also a Principal and co-chairman.In the first handful of years in business, the Fortress Investment Group expanded into hedge funds, debt securities, and real estate investments. The leaders at the time were both former Partners at the corporation of Goldman Sachs. Between 1999 and 2006, the private equity funds of the Fortress Investment Group netted 39.7 percent. In 2007, the Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity firm in the U. S. of its proportions to be traded publicly. The company later experienced major economic losses due to the economic downturn in 2008 but was able to quickly compose itself again.From 2010, the Fortress Investment Group has been growing steadily.

It started receiving acknowledgments from a variety of publications. For 2010 and 2011, the Fortress Investment Group was named Credit-Focused Fund of the Year by the publication Institutional Investor. In 2012 the same publication named discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year. The Fortress Investment Group received two acknowledgments in 2014 by Institutional Investor and the HFM Week, dubbing it Management Fund of the Year and Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in their respective lists. In 2016, the corporation announced that it had four core businesses that totaled more than 70 billion of assets that the company managed such as liquid markets, private equity, and credit. At the tart f last year, the corporation of SoftBank Group announced that it is working towards purchasing the Fortress Investment Group. the deal was completed at the end of 2017 and the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group Corp for over 3 billion. The leaders of the Fortress Investment Group remain the same over the next five years after which their contracts will be revised.

The portfolio of the Fortress Investment Group is rather vast. The corporation loans and manages assets of companies from all kinds of industries such as hospitality, medical and biotech, finance and retail, among many others. The Fortress Investment Group won the bid for the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway in early 2014 and acquired the assets. The line was bankrupt in 2013 due to a fatal derailing. The company has been working towards repairing the railway and launch it once again as the Central Maine and Quebec Railway. The Fortress Investment Group bought the line for nearly 16 million. Over the decades, the Fortress Investment Group has been growing steadily. Up to date, the corporation employs more than 2 500 people. It also has several subsidiaries such as the Aircastle, the New Media Investment Group, Railroad Acquisitions Holding Corp, the New Senior Investment Corp, and the New Residential Investment Corp. The last three are REIT subsidiaries. The Fortress Investment Group is also currently awaiting confirmation of their pending bid for assets of the Weinstein Company. Learn More.