Jamaican badminton player Gareth Henry fights for gay rights

Aside from being a badminton player, Gareth Henry is an activist for gay rights after witnessing and experiencing violence and threats in his country of Jamaica. He fled his country to go live in Canada due to the threats.

An article by ubuntubiographyproject.com documents his life and journey. Along with being an activist for gay rights, he is also one for HIV/AIDS and social justice. Gareth Henry was born in a small town in Jamaica to a father who wasn’t around or had a relationship with and a mother in her teens and ended up being raised by his grandparents and aunt. Gareth Henry started to figure out that he liked men being in high school, although, he never told his family after seeing others harrassed for it.

Staying on his journey he attended a university in the capital of Jamaica receiving a bachelors in Social Work with a masters degree in Communications for Social and Behavior Change. In the year 1997 the activist participated in Jamaica AIDS support for Life and J-FLAG. After the leader of J-FLAG was killed, Gareth took over and started reporting anti-gay hate crimes and attacks to the police, which prompted the death of his close friends, and Gareth himself was attacked by the police.

Gareth Henry grew more concerned as he was threatened and harassed by more police in Jamaica which opened his eyes to leave. He started to get involved with organizations in Canada such as Toronto People With AIDS Foundation and Rainbow Railroad. Rainbow Railroad works to relocate LGBTQ who face danger in the world and Henry personally hears tragic stories of gay people beaten senseless and attacked for simply being gay.

Gareth Henry gives hope to people to seek a better life and escape the harassment. He decided to settle down before divorcing but started a relationship with someone else. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with family. Gareth Henry still preaches for others to help each other and hold onto hope.