Chris Burch warns Glossy Readers Branding is Dead…What’s Next?

Chris Burch essentially warned Glossy readers that the idea of the brand is dead. Owning equity in a number of them himself, one is left wondering what is next for Mr. Burch. If one follows the advice that he gives in that article, the answer might be as clear as day. Let’s examine why this is the case.

The biggest piece of advice that Chris Burch had to give in that article was on how the economy for retail is shifting from a materialistic one towards a more intrinsic-based one. An intrinsic consumer is more likely to want to spend her hard earned money on a real-life experience such as a trip to some fancy spa (or perhaps to a beach) than on a materialistic mascot that merely represents the dying concept of a brand. Use your head to think about this one for a minute…the guy owns part of a resort company. He’s going to be providing experiences from now on; he already has experience doing this sort of thing, refer to (

In the interview, Chris even mentions the positive results that he is seeing through marketing efforts involving the resort experience that he offers. When you get down to the nitty-gritty, Mr. Chris Burch was always about luxury and style instead of materialism.


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Being an expert at what women want, and how to give it to them in a luxurious fashion, is what he’s always been about. Now, instead of a purse of a swimsuit, he’ll be offering them an experience, learn more information on

More people should take the advice that Chris gave Glossy to heart. He has a portfolio full of women’s brands featuring lively personalities. In all of them, he owns more than a quarter of outstanding shares as well. When it comes to women and luxury, Chris Burch should be considered an expert for sure, check