Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Sussex Healthcare is located in Sussex, UK. The organization owns and operates care homes and provides important support services for people in the care homes. In fact, the well respected organization has been providing care and support services in the homes for 25 years.

Sussex Healthcare focuses primarily on providing care to older adults, people with learning disabilities, people with physical disabilities, dementia patients and more. Now, the organization is experiencing new growth under the leadership of their new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. She is actively involved with running the organization and making sure that the organization is fully staffed. Therefore, Sussex Healthcare is actively searching for new talent to join their organization.

Sussex Healthcare Employees
The fact is that Sussex Healthcare is looking for a certain type of individual to join their care homes. Of course, the individual should be warm, kind, caring, and very respectful of the people in their care. In addition, they believe in recruiting people with true potential to rise up in the organization.


Sussex Healthcare Benefits
Certainly, the organization is interested in hiring the best personnel for their staff. Therefore, they offer some of the best benefits available. Typically, this is the key to attracting quality people with great potential for the future. Some of the benefits offered by the organization include uniforms, free transportation, meals, paid breaks, along with free training for some openings. It should be noted that the training opportunities exist in several areas.

Current Sussex Healthcare Job Openings
Here are a few of the current job openings at the organization.

Care Assistants – To provide personal care for people in the care homes

Deputy Care Home Management – Perform care and management of the care homes

Payroll Supervisor – Manage payroll

Unit Manager Care Homes – Registered Nurse to perform management task or duties at the care homes

Kitchen Assistant – Provide support services in the kitchen area

Accounts Assistant – Daily duties involving record keeping and accounts management

For more information about current job openings, visit the Sussex Healthcare job site.