Penelope Kokkinides; an Instrumental Figure in the Health Care Systems.

Penelope Kokkinides in not a new face in the healthcare field and especially not late in government programs, mainly Medicare and Medicaid. She has also served the managed care industry which is her current position, in InnovaCare, Inc. Becoming organized and structured is what has kept her productive for more than 20 years.


Her immersive experience, knowledge, and expertise comes in handy and is recognized via the clinical programs, management of health care processes she has come up with. In all these programs, she has sought and aimed at improving not only efficiencies but also the organization structure.


Penelope is currently the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare after appointment by Rick Shinto, its president, and CEO. Moreover, she has held the positions of Chief Operations Officer and Vice president of Clinical Operations.


She joined the organization in June 2015. She had previously been at Aveta Inc between 2006 and 2012 as its Chief Operating Officer. She multitasked being the Chief Operating Officer at TouchStone Health HMO, from July of 2008.


She played an essential role in developing and implementing a healthcare model at AmeriChoice, where she was Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management. This business unit of UnitedHealth Group.


Miss Kokkinides attended school at Binghamton University where she received a B.S. in biological sciences and classical languages. Moreover, she has two masters one in Social Work from New York University and Columbia University, one in Public Health.


Penelope was instrumental in advocating for the health care changes in the Island of Puerto Rico in her meeting with President Donald Trump. This was when she was among the eight women invited to the White House to discuss health affairs.


She suggested that increasing the funding for Medicare would be a responsible response to the health issues. She argued that it would keep the Medicaid cost low affordable price and prevent an instance where there will be migrations from the island of Puerto Rico to the United States.


InnovaCare has devoted itself to not only offering health plans to Puerto Rico but plans that are innovative, cost friendly at the same time maintaining the world-class standards. It is moreover in charge of the management of two Medicaid government plans which help bring coverage in the care model.


Her speech at the White House was not in vain as the day later the president released a notice that provided changes to the Puerto Rico healthcare system that were favorable.