End Citizens United: GOP For Sell

It is no secret that this coming 2018 midterms in November are going to be crucial in slowing down big money in Washington and finally introducing commonsense campaign reform. Quite literally, if the Republicans remain in control of Congress, that will be because of the enormous amounts of funds provided to them by corporations. funds that are keeping them afloat during a bleak time for the GOP are what ultimately may be their downfall in the end.

Trump and the Republicans like to describe themselves as the part of the everyday man, this, however, does not show in their actions. Recently the GOP passed a tax cut that favored by a 2-1 margin wealthy individuals and large corporations. Records show that some of the largest offenders of accepting corporate funds are directly from the GOP party who boast to be the champions of the middle class. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

Finance reform advocate End Citizens United, an organization formed after the Supreme court ruling of 2010 establishing the definition of corporations as “people” has conducted extensive research towards the source of funds that candidates receive. For Example, End Citizens United when conducting research on the race in Wisconsin to cover Paul Ryans seat saw that Democrat Randy Bryce collects 71.06 percent of his campaign funds from individual donors, compared to that of Republican Bryan Steil of only 5.82 percent.

It is because of this discrepancy in the percentage that End Citizens United is now hoping to use against the GOP. Many voters are scared of Trump which in turn are now donating to Democrats by large numbers while the GOP is relying on big corporate money to compete. End Citizens United is planning to weaponize the use of this by exposing them to the public as candidates who are not working for their constituents but the corporations that funnel millions of dollars to them.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/1639910D:US-end-citizens-united