What Elon Musk And ClassDojo’s Founders Did With The Latest Release

ClassDojo has been on the market for about 8 years now and continues to evolve with each release. Now, one of the nation’s top futuristic entrepreneurs, Elon Musk is getting involved with the app developers and implementing new puzzles and challenges for teachers and students. What they solve in these puzzles not only is basic subject matter that you would learn in elementary math, science and history but also veers outside the box to get students thinking critically on certain issues. Examples of these kinds of problems can be found here in which students are taken on adventures with certain characters and do group studies to tackle each challenge.

ClassDojo was just a behavior reward app for classrooms at its inception, but its founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary realized they could do a lot more by adding challenges to students as well as turning it into its own social media platform. One of the reasons for pursuing the social media angle of the app was that they wanted to erase the gap that has typically existed between parents understanding what teachers are working with in the classroom, and allowing teachers to have a direct line to the parents. Plus activities for the day can always be updated through the student stories part of the app. Most importantly though, ClassDojo as a company never uses sensitive user data or behavioral analytics to market or sell to advertisers. And any criticisms that come up about user privacy they have always worked to fix.

ClassDojo has been successful because Chaudhary and Don have always listened to their customers and have decided they’re going to keep offering basic use of the app for free with additional content offered via subscription. There is also no requirement for teachers to solicit the approval of the principal to use ClassDojo, but in many cases administrators do get involved. Its users have been surprised at just how much easier it has made life in the classroom and it’s added convenience for parents in eliminating the need for once a year meetings with teachers. Thus far investors have loved the app as well.