How OSI Food Solutions is Expanding

OSI Food Solutions has a long history of success and expansion, but one thing is for certain. Their purchase of Baho Food in 2016 has put them into a prime position within their marketplace. Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of every day foods like deli meats, snacks, and other “convenience foods”, has been secured by OSI, but no details have been published regarding the transaction. Although the European division, OSI Europe has achieved tremendous growth over the years, the acquisition of Baho Food has further expanded their reach across Europe.

David G. McDonald, the President and C.O.O. of OSI Food Solutions recently stated that he is please with the outcome of the transaction. Additionally, he is pleased with the portfolio they have built with brands, products, and services that all complement each other. As the company has expanded, they have added processing plants to aid with increasing production across Europe. Facilities are now located in the Netherlands, Germany, and 16 other countries within Europe.

John Balvers is leading the European expansion, focused on developing a growth strategy that will take effect immediately and aid in future growth as well. Balvers has noted that OSI Food Solutions has developed strong relationships with their customers and suppliers. The vast experience and knowledge of executives working with OSI has given the entire team the confidence needed to serve their customers, as well as to accomplish their long-term goals. Throughout the expansion, the ability to add products to the portfolio will aid in positioning OSI Food Solutions for greater success. It’s no surprise that OSI is among top-rated companies for food service in retail segments as a whole. The long, personal history of OSI from its inception is a great example of how any company can achieve long-term growth within their own marketplace.