Why You Should Look Up To Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent personality in the world of investment. His reputation for business creativity and ingenuity goes back to four decades ago. He is a Brazilian born resident and went through the Federal University of Parana and pursued engineering for two years and thereafter found his interest in studying economics at that university.

This was a major turning point decision of his life and following his graduation in 1970, Igor Cornelsen secured a job in an investment back. He was regarded as a company asset for his virtual skills and arithmetic mastery which soon led him to be promoted as an investment banker. In 1974, he was appointed to the board of directors of Multibanco and served for two years before he became the CEO.

Following the acquisition of Multibanco by the Bank of America in 1978, Igor Cornelsen identified his exploits in Unibanco, which was a top-level company in Brazil. It was until 1985 when he moved to a London Merchant Bank known as Libra Bank PLC. Working at this bank further exposed him to the unlimited number of opportunities and shaped his career to greatness. Mr. Cornelsen eventually set his foot on Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he served for seven years and finally set himself on a path to forming his own investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen advises that Brazil is a key platform for investment for its multiple opportunities that are far-fetched in other countries. He reminds people of the need to set up different forms of incomes that would ensure basic needs are catered for without a hitch. However complex, it may seem, Mr. Cornelsen advises the upcoming generation to start investing as soon as possible. He considers this as a worthy course for realization towards financial freedom.

About comprehensive research, Igor Cornelsen advises that it is an essential process of investment, taking into account that his success has been prompted by carrying out numerous researches. He is of the opinion that good investors should be able to foresee what the market holds for them in the future in terms of the country’s economy. Interestingly, Mr. Cornelsen recommends the investors to at least gain knowledge in economics if not enrolling for a class of it.

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Dr. Saad Saad Is An Inspiration To Anyone Who Hopes To Work Towards The Fulfilment Of Their Dreams

Dr. Saad Saad has led a long, successful career in which he has helped many children to live better lives. As a pediatric surgeon, he has created many different brilliant new tools and methods that have made surgeons’ and patients’ lives easier. He was born in Palestine and found himself living in Kuwait when he was younger due to the creation of the state of Israel. Due to his father’s encouragement, he decided to get an education and go into the field of surgery. Before long, he had graduated from medical school and moved to the United States where he became a US Board Certified pediatric surgeon.


After this, Dr. Saad Saad caught the eye of the Saudi Royal family because he was the only US Board Certified pediatric surgeon who could speak Arabic and English fluently. He ended up becoming the pediatric surgeon for the kids of the Saudi Royal family and also performed complicated surgeries on other children who lived in Saudi Arabia. When he moved back to the United States, he got right to work developing a spread of new procedures that would improve the way that surgery was done on children. One of his innovations had to do with getting rid of the need for making a second incision on the body of children during certain surgical procedures. He created this surgical innovation in order to spare kids from the unnecessary pain that a second incision would cause. He has now employed this procedure over 2,000 times, which has definitely spared many kids that pain.


Dr. Saad Saad has been an inspiration to many aspiring surgeons or healthcare professionals due to the fact that he came out of a difficult situation in Kuwait to build his own success. When asked in an interview what advice he might have for his younger self, he commented that he would tell himself that he could reach his goals if he worked hard to do so. He has told others that they can be anything they want to be when they set their minds to the task. Dr. Saad Saad advice has proven this is true no matter what background a person comes from, and he has proven this as he came from a harsh background where many end up failing. On top of his warm bedside manner, he has created many helpful medical tools as well as adaptions that make current surgical tools work much better. Learn more : https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad

Ted Bauman Contribution Towards Banyan Hill Publishing

There are various contributions made by Ted Bauman in Transforming the Society and the Banyan Hill Publishing Group. Ted Bauman is an economist who has in the past played an important role in reforming South Africa and other governments. He has worked as a consultant both in Europe and Africa. Other than overseeing different housing management systems, he has been active in reforming the society. Currently, he serves as the editorial director of the Banyan Hill Publishing where he specializes in low-risk investment, international migration, privacy and asset protection. He employs different news platforms to equip the society members with investment and financial skills. Not only are his publications appealing to the public, but there are also easy to read.

Educational Background

Ted Bauman was born and raised in Maryland where he attended early education stages and high school. He relocated to South Africa after completing High School. While in Africa, he enrolled in the Cape Town University where he studied Political science, History and Economics. As an economist, he believed that economic and social structures are interconnected. He employed this concept in formulating and overseeing the implementation of reform policies during the post-apartheid period. Ted also controlled housing management systems in Africa, Latin America and Asia. He relocated to the USA in 2008 which was after the birth of her daughter. Although he intended to return to South Africa, he got committed in Atlanta.

Career and Professional Background

While in South Africa, Ted Bauman worked with different governments to formulate essential reform policies. He employed his vast experience and skills that he had attained in the university to drive positive changes in the society. In 2008, he got engaged with an NGO organization located in Atlanta. He worked with the group before being called to Banyan Hill Publishing after the retirement of Bob Bauman. He took over the management of the publisher and introduced the Bauman Letter, Smart Money Systems and the Alpha Stock Venture. The Bauman Letter serves to equip the readers with skills and business insights that can be used in investments. The number of subscriptions to the Bauman Letter stands at 100, 000.

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