General Counsel: Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele has a remarkable record in his services as a counselor. He has worked with numerous firms that deal with technology services in senior positions. Hagele worked at aerospace, biotechnology, defense and internet companies as outside general counsel. His contribution to these companies is significant since the growth and developments were realized. Also, Michael Hagele is an investor in various technology firms and a founder of companies in hospitality industries.

The services that Michael offered as a counsel include telecommunications, helps in closing and negotiating agreements that involve both international and domestic internet, drafting and closing technology. It is evident that all the duties and responsibilities that Michael undertook were executed appropriately to meet the needs of the clients and more so achieving the goals of the company. There are numerous companies’ transactions and commercial agreements that he has been able to manage in his career life. Visit at to learn more.

Moreover, Mr. Hagele attended the University of California and earned his J.D, and from the University of Lowa his B.A. The internet companies that Hagele served he handled all the legal issues of the company since requires an experienced and knowledgeable person with legal matters like Michael. It is imperative to note that Hagele was successful and able to achieve a lot in his career due to putting the needs of the customers at the forefront. As an entrepreneur that wants to succeed you should offer satisfactory services to the customers. By placing the interests of the clients first makes them happy and that was the philosophy of Michael Hagele.

Additionally, Michael has a close relationship with the customers and makes use of the social media since it is the current trend in communication that keeps the entrepreneur in touch with the customers. In order to offer quality services to clients, Michael Hagele decided to provide his services as an independent lawyer. He is passionate and committed to serving whoever seek his assistance at the level best. Those technology companies that have hired Michael can give a testimony of their satisfaction from the services offered. Therefore, there are so many achievements of Michael Hagele as a counsel. Visit:


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