Wireless Containment Technology Secures Inmate Network

The Need For Securus Technology


Securus Technologies was one of the largest inmate calling providers to answer to a stabilized telecommunications provider without sanctions and penalties from the state Public Utility Commission. Thus, it was important for inmates to have a secure network with proper surveillance and monitoring currently being used by Securus Technologies. The success of their advanced technology solution has led their team executives to initiate other security service technology to their inmate calling platform. In fact, many of their technology solutions have become a part of customer referred services among the Securus network.


Securus Technologies Wireless Containment


The Securus Technologies network has allowed their facility partners to stop the threat of illegal contraband in a correctional facility. Their proudly regulated by the state Public Utility Commission. Their safety surveillance and monitoring tools were used to monitor other networks. Thus, their wireless containment model will include remote access that will prevent the use of cellphone use in a correctional facility by inmates. Securus will be able to operate their technology from outside of the facility without disrupting the daily operations of the facility and law enforcement personnel will continue to be able to use their mobile device and receive a signal unless otherwise specified by the facility.


GovPayNet Securus Acquisition


The GovPayNet technology will also facility partners to process their payments with extra financial support over a government approved network. This technology continues to be one of the largest government debit and credit card portals. They were one of the first to improve payment processing with previous technology that includes their Secures Technologies kiosk system access. Their employees, inmates, and participating facilities have a trusted network for their feature, service, and financial pay options.


Secures Technologies Features


Jpay Services


The Jpay network allows their customers to use their popular feature for many services under the Secures name including ordering food products. Their Jpay partnership is reaching a 10 year milestone and has been a successful match for all parties involved.


Online Photos


Enjoy online photo features that allow their customers to send up to 5 facility approved photos. You pay a small fee and and them to an inmates state issued id number. This is a popular Secures feature because it is reasonably priced as a great inmate communication feature.


Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to become a part of the exclusive Secures technology family and save. Get help with your news or existing account with a IT professional or through their 800 number. Your family and friends don’t have to be limited in receiving calls from an inmate in a correctional facility.


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