Fabletics: A New Approach to Showroom Technique

Kate Hudson is American actress who has featured in popular films. When she was approached with the idea of working with a brand to market workout apparel, she was thrilled. Fabletics is a fitness brand that aims at providing unique and comfortable activewear for women. The brand is unique because it provides clothes for all shapes and sizes. The brand however faces stiff competition from established brand like Amazon, which has been operation for the longest time and controls the market. Amazon boasts of wide market presence, and this makes it difficult for new companies to shine. Most companies try their luck in the clothing industry, but are soon driven out due to big competitors. However, Fabletics has proved that it is here to stay. Hudson’s company has been successful in the last five years and it is continuing to shine. The company made $250 million in three years, making it one of the companies to watch in the clothing industry.


Reverse Showroom Technique


Kate Hudson has managed to grow the company using the reverse showroom technique and the subscription service. The reverse showroom technique allows customers to pick items in Fabletics stores and put them in their online shopping carts. This technique is facilitated by the subscription service. Customers have the option to subscribe to services online, and are allowed to buy both online and stores without cash payment. The reverse showroom technique has not been used in the clothing industry before. Kate Hudson has also used social media to advance the company. Fabletics is on Twitter, and Instagram, and customers are free to share ideas and give feedback on products. Social media enables the company to filter clothes and determine those they need to take out and ones they should restock.




When Fabletics was created, the management needed an influencer to push the brand in the market. They decided to partner with Kate Hudson because of her appeal and good work ethics. When Kate came on board, she suggested useful ideas like working with other firms to improve the image of the brand. Kate worked hard to convince clients to buy from the brand. Moreover, the use of social media and reverse showroom technique has helped the company soar to great heights. The subscription option allows customers to issue monthly payment and have clothes delivered to them. The dedication, leadership, and management skills of Kate Hudson have enabled Fabletics to defeat big companies in the clothing industry.

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