What Betsy DeVos Is All ABout

There is no question that Betsy DeVos is a game-changer. You can love the work she does, or hate the work she does, but there is no question that she gets that work done. This is why she is loved and revered by some, and considered a highly dangerous person by others.


Politics have always run deep in Betsy DeVos, and the DeVos family as a whole. In fact, Betsy herself got started with political causes more than thirty years ago. She has stuck with it ever since. In fact, her husband was the 2006 Republican nominee for Governor of Michigan. Although he did not win that particular race, that has not kept DeVos from continuing to be involved in politics.


She has always been interested in looking for innovative solutions to the challenges that she faces on any given day. She has looked for those solutions in both her political life as well as her business life. She has held the role of being the chairman of the Windquest Group. This group consists of multiple companies that invest in things like technology and clean energy.


It is not just about the dollar for DeVos. She has also left her mark when it comes to the world of non-profits as well. She has done a huge amount to help those in her community and beyond. In fact, she is seen by many as a very kind and generous person. It does come in contrast with the way that she is seen in politics from time to time, but that is largely dependent on what kind of political views you personally hold.


Above all her drive to champion the idea that charter schools are better for educating our children is legendary. This is the issue that she has championed almost more than anything else. She sees it as her mission in life to try to help children have the very best education that they possibly can. It takes a special person like her to care about an issue as much as she does, but there is no question that she does.


Of course, there is still plenty of debate about if charter schools are really the right choice for students or not, but the contributions to education made by Betsy DeVos are definitely not in question at all. Learn more: https://twitter.com/BetsyDeVos?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

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