What Other Companies Think of Fabletics

When the Huffington Post recently talked about the things that Fabletics was doing, they tried their best to highlight all the positive parts of the company. They knew they would need to make sure they were offering their customers a look at what Fabletics was really like, but they found the company was truly doing a great job at running a business that was meant to be a brand disruptor. It helped them see the positive side of what the fashion industry would look like in the future and gave them the hope that came with having convenient products for everyone who needed them.


Kate Hudson has stood by the brand from day one. She is the celebrity ambassador who works hard to make sure people understand what Fabletics is doing. She even designs some of the clothing because it is a company she is passionate about. When people see her wearing the clothes, they know they can be just like her and purchase the same outfits from Fabletics. It helps them realize they have a chance to be a like a celebrity and makes things better for them. For Fabletics to do this, it meant they had to put a lot into the effort they had to get their brand on the right track.


Even the reverse showroom is part of who they are as a brand. People who visit Fabletics may be confused that they are only able to see a few things on the site, but that is intentional. By only showing customers things that match with their likes, Fabletics is giving them a chance at a personalized shopping experience. It is similar to what they would receive if they were in a school with a private shop assistant to help them with the choices they had.


The point of the reverse showroom is that customers are able to see things based on what they like. The company finds out what they like by requiring them to take a style quiz. The quiz goes over things like the type of clothes they normally wear and what they plan to do with the athletic clothing Fabletics has to offer. It will give the stylists a chance to make sure they are giving the customers the best clothes possible. It is what the company has used for their entire life and it has made them a positive part of the industry.


If Fabletics continues to do well like The Huffington Post is predicting they will, other companies will likely use the same tactics. It has proven successful for Fabletics so others can use it, too. It makes sense for people who are in different situations to use these things and to make them better for their customers. Customers are able to have the most convenient shopping experience possible through companies. The ones that use the same business practices as Fabletics are the ones that will have the most return customers who want more from the business they are dealing with.

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