What Jeff Yastine Really Thought About Black Friday

For years, Black Friday has been the time for Americans to go out and recklessly spend all the money they had earned throughout the past year. It has been a time when people get into fights over 30% off and a time when others don’t even buy things they were looking for. Instead, they buy just to buy because it’s on sale. It’s also the time when retailers jack the price up sky high the week or even month before so it looks like things are on a greater discount than what they really are. Watch on youtube for updates.

Now, though, Black Friday is a time when retailers are scrambling. They can’t compete with Cyber Monday and online Black Friday deals. Who wants to go out to the big box store and get trampled by soccer moms for a $100 TV? Most people have realized they can just stay home and order that same TV on Amazon without the risk to their life and health in general. Retailers are suffering from Black Friday and the overmalled America is going to continue to suffer because of the online and cyber shopping opportunities people have now.

In a recent article that was published by Jeff Yastine on Medium, he talks about how Black Friday will soon be obsolete. It has been evolving throughout the years. It was once something that happened only in the early hours of Friday. Now, retailers are open the day before, Thanksgiving, to support the needs of their customers. The problem with that, though, is it isn’t working. People are still choosing to just shop at home where they are without worrying about how they are going to get to different destinations and how they are going to deal with all the crowds that are filling up retail spaces.

Jeff Yastine has a lot of concern for the retail stores in the future. He knows that Black Friday will soon be a thing of the past. While he is not particularly supportive of the shopping for sport ideas, he knows it is something that’s going to change. As an editor on Medium, Jeff Yastine writes about many different things that are related to the cyber world. From how people are changing their shopping habits to how others can keep themselves safe in the online world, Jeff Yastine knows how cybersecurity and cyber life is affecting everyone across the United States and the whole globe.

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