Deirdre Baggot: At the Forefront of Managed Care Innovations

A big part of keeping health care costs down is finding better ways of delivering care. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has provided coverage to more people than ever before, but it has also created a huge amount of paperwork. Medical industry business strategist and RN, Deirdre Baggot is at the forefront of finding ways to streamline payment systems and increase health care efficiency without shortchanging patient services. One of the methods she’s devised is a bundled payment system.

What Are Bundled Payments?

The current billing model for government supplied health insurance is to bill each service separately. By bundling payments, insurers and patients receive one bill with accumulative billing information for all delivered services. This process was rolled out in stages to ensure a smooth and seamless transition, first for end-stage renal disease patients, and then in a mandated billing protocol for orthopedics as a Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model. It is also being tested in oncology with a grant to develop an Oncology Care Model (OCM). View to learn more

The fund estimates savings of up to $19 billion by 2019.

How Do CRM Bundles Work?

It takes some preparation to implement any new system. The smaller the steps, the easier it is to work out the kinks before full implementation. Practices are encouraged to take a methodical approach prior to switching over that includes six steps:

– Set benchmarks for clinical and cost performance

– Build-in cross-continuum management capabilities

– Understand what drives cost at the post acute stage and build-in measures to establish aftercare protocols in advance

– Develop a monthly review system to consider cost and quality of service

– Create a comprehensive program to reduce readmissions

– Perform reviews to identify problem areas and use the analysis to improve bundling protocols moving forward

Thee steps should work for any kind of practice, but they will be especially beneficial for specialist practices like cardiology, orthopedics, and cancer treatment.

Streamlining billing processes means less time spent doing paperwork and more on patient care. It not only improves efficiency, it means quicker reimbursement for doctors and less hassle for patients.



Robert Ivy Is A Renowned Professional In Architecture

Robert Ivy is a highly recognized and famous Architecture around the globe. Currently, he serves as the CEO and the executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). His sustained contribution and professionalism has put AIA to the top. In his career lvy focuses on design, building, and construction industries. He believes that Architecture can enhance the positive impact on various fields, such as the provision of disaster relief solutions as well as improving health. Due to his massive contribution to AIA, it announced a ten-year commitment which is intended to come up with solutions and programs related to public health, sustainable growth, and a solution to natural disasters in urban areas.

Robert Ivy architecture design work has played an important role by enhancing public health in the U.S. For example, the draining of swamps in Washington, D.C to the Olmsted design of Central Park in New York, the idea of this park was to remove the additional housing and normalize a part of the city. Robert has made many contributions through his profession on many issues affecting the environment. For example, he has been advocating in social, political, and other environmental problems. He has promised to be a very dedicated member while working with AIA Board of Directors as CEO.

Robert Ivy has received massive accolades which have empowered him in his profession. He is the first architect around the globe to win the Polk Award. He was also honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. He also won the designation Master Architect by the national architecture fraternity. This massive award has proved Robert Ivy to be one of the most knowledgeable, talented and passionate architect. He says though architects are supremely gifted in design, it’s a matter of collaborating with large, diverse and experts from all disciplines.

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Stream Energy : “Stream Cares” and the philanthropic innovation

Texas-based Stream Energy is looking to innovate how corporations do philanthropy. Recently the energy company has been investing heavily in their new charitable foundation “stream cares”, which recently provided aid to people affected by Hurrican Harvey and the aftermath of the storm. Although the act of giving is not at all rare for corporations, in fact in 2016 companies all over the country donated a whopping $19 billion. What has made “Stream Cares” different is the manner in which Stream Energy is rolling out the program across the state of Texas and the country. The company is creating a separate branch focused solely on the philanthropic efforts of Stream.

Stream Energy’s passion for giving back to the communities is seen within their employees. Dalla-based Stream Energy employees have partnered up with other organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for humanity in order create a bigger impact. So, why do employees care so much about strangers? It simply boils down to the business model of Stream Energy. Essentially, employees, when hired, are tasked to create a list of potential customers and then offer them services such as fixed rate energy and or cell phone plans. Many of these employees create bonds with their customers and vice versa. Therefore, when a crisis such as the floodings from Hurrican Harvey occur, Stream Energy employees waste no time in lending a hand.
Recently, many other companies around Texas and the nation have taken noticed of Stream’s innovation and the perks that come with it. It’s no secret that when customers have respect and loyalty for a brand, they tend to not critics as much when unforeseen situations arise such as scandals or a dip in the stock market. There’s no doubt that Stream and its foundation “stream cares” has changed how business and philanthropy is done.

Automotive Entrepreneur Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira is a former physician who went on to start businesses in the automotive industry. At the beginning of his career, he was a very successful and respected medical doctor in Northern Brazil. After a number of years serving as a physician, Carlos moved on to start up a business in the automobile industry. His first venture was a Ford dealership that he helped establish as the top distributor of Ford vehicles in the nation. As well as building successful dealerships, Carlos has also started up a manufacturing plant to produce vehicles in the nation. As a result, Andrade has established himself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the automotive industry.

For several years, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade worked in the healthcare industry as a medical doctor. However, he was looking to get into a field that would be a little more fulfilling. Andrade decided to pursue a career in the automotive industry. He would become an entrepreneur after acquiring a local Ford dealership. The dealership was bankrupt at the time and Carlos offered to purchase it and take control of its operations. This worked out very well for Carlos as he was able to make the dealership the top distributor of Ford vehicles in Brazil. This successful venture in the auto industry would lead to Carlos establishing a couple of other dealerships in the future.

Thirteen years later in 1992, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started up new dealerships that sold vehicles made by the manufacturers Subaru and Hyundai. Just like the Ford dealership, Carlos’ new dealerships were among the top selling vehicle establishments for these two brands. Within a few years, both of these dealerships were the most reputable and profitable auto establishments in Brazil.

After establishing three successful dealerships, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade looked to acquire a facility to manufacture vehicles. He would accomplish this goal by purchasing a factory with his own fortune. This resulted in the factory becoming the main manufacturing plant of Hyundai vehicles in Brazil. As a result, Carlos has been able to expand his auto business and become both a maker and distributor of vehicles in Brazil.

Peter Briger: How Fortress Investment Group Survived the 2008 Financial Market Downtime

Financial forecasting has remained to be one of the best tools and strategies that different organizations have been using to determine how they are going to structure their finances and other services so that they can remain relevant in the financial industry. Peter Briger, an experienced financial analyst, has been the principal advocate of financial forecasting at Fortress Investment Group, which is an organization that has remained competitive and relevant in the financial industry for almost three decades.

Peter Briger, as an experienced financial expert introduced advanced financial forecasting at Fortress Group with the aim of determining the future financial aspects of the industry. There are only a few individuals who were interested in the project as they were not aware of how the whole investment would be significant to the growth of the organization. However, the aspect of introducing financial forecasting strategy has helped the company in different ways.

One aspect where the company has benefited is by ensuring that the company can foresee how the market will behave in a particular time of the year or a specific year. This has helped the entity to develop complex strategies that would either support the company to capitalize and expand its wealth due to the opportunities available in the market. The strategy has also been useful in helping the Fortress Group to formulate and implement various strategies that would help the company to remain relevant in case of uncertainties in the market.

The financial forecasting strategies that Peter Briger introduced in the company were the reason as to why the company was not affected by the extreme financial market crash that was experienced in the industry back in 2008. A large number of companies were not able to withstand the severe challenges in cash flow, which forced the companies to either close some branches or bring down their operations. Peter Briger Jr: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt

Peter Briger was aware that a company that did not have the necessary liquidity would not be able to sustain its operations in this period. This explains why he developed and advised the management of the company to come up with some viable options that would help the company to remain relevant and competitive despite the uncertainties in the market. Click here

The Brazilian Agribusiness 2018 Report

The Brazilian agribusiness exports represent about a half of the country’s foreign sales with a 45.6 percent scored in June this year. The exports in June 2018 reached 9.21 billion US dollars while imports to the country have contracted by 10.1 percent, from last year to 1.04 billion US dollars. The result of this shifts, as analyzed and reported by Flavio Maluf, the businessman, executive, and president of Eucatex, is due to the 8.17 billion dollars balance of trade of the agricultural business, a +0.7% decrease compared with June 2017. Read more about Flavio at

Brazilian Agribusiness (Imports and Exports).

Of the total agribusiness exports of 2018 June, coffee covered 3.9%, sugar and alcohol complex covered 7%, meat was third with 8.3%, Forest products had about 14.4%, while you had the rest, more than half of the exports, 53.5%. Their market, for Brazilian soy and cellulose exports, is spread worldwide with Asia, China in particular, as their biggest destination over the whole of last year, financial year, and we’ll into half of this year, according to Flavio Maluf. Their second destination was the world’s biggest trade bloc, with about 28 countries, is the European Union. This was facilitated by a rise in soybean meal, orange juice, pulp, and green coffee imported at +94.7, +35.4, 60.36 and 17.4 million dollars respectively.

For the first half, Jan to June, Flavio Maluf emphasis that the country has exported about 46.7 million tons in grains creating a revenue of 18.43 billion dollars, an increase from last year at the same period. The export also registered reached 10.6% in exported value and 5.2% in export quality, leading to a 5.1% increase in prices

Flavio Maluf also reported that the main intention of the entity, Ministry of agriculture, is to ensure food security the Brazilian population and at the same time produce surplus exports through competitiveness and integration of sustainable development.

Flavio Maluf Personal Life.

Though Maluf was born into a wealthy family and a political dynasty, he has, through hard work and resilience, earned his own wealth and built his own empire. The name of his company, Eucatex, was inspired by his family’s business, a timber lining business that used Eucalyptus for their slubs. He is also a fan of the internet and is fascinated by technology.



Equities First Holdings Wikipedia Tells Of A Global Leader

Equities First Holdings has been in business since 2002, when it was formed in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company has since opened up several more offices across the globe, in such places as Australia and China. Equities First Holdings gives loans to businesses seeking to invest, as well as individuals who have a high net-worth. The company is privately owned and is a global leader. The founder, Al Christy Jr., is still the president of the company. It has completed nearly a thousand transactions for its clients since it began, and it is still going strong as it continues to spread across the globe.

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Chris Burch warns Glossy Readers Branding is Dead…What’s Next?

Chris Burch essentially warned Glossy readers that the idea of the brand is dead. Owning equity in a number of them himself, one is left wondering what is next for Mr. Burch. If one follows the advice that he gives in that article, the answer might be as clear as day. Let’s examine why this is the case.

The biggest piece of advice that Chris Burch had to give in that article was on how the economy for retail is shifting from a materialistic one towards a more intrinsic-based one. An intrinsic consumer is more likely to want to spend her hard earned money on a real-life experience such as a trip to some fancy spa (or perhaps to a beach) than on a materialistic mascot that merely represents the dying concept of a brand. Use your head to think about this one for a minute…the guy owns part of a resort company. He’s going to be providing experiences from now on; he already has experience doing this sort of thing, refer to (

In the interview, Chris even mentions the positive results that he is seeing through marketing efforts involving the resort experience that he offers. When you get down to the nitty-gritty, Mr. Chris Burch was always about luxury and style instead of materialism.


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Being an expert at what women want, and how to give it to them in a luxurious fashion, is what he’s always been about. Now, instead of a purse of a swimsuit, he’ll be offering them an experience, learn more information on

More people should take the advice that Chris gave Glossy to heart. He has a portfolio full of women’s brands featuring lively personalities. In all of them, he owns more than a quarter of outstanding shares as well. When it comes to women and luxury, Chris Burch should be considered an expert for sure, check


Wes Edens Becomes The Only Billionaire With A Combination Of Success And Humility

Wesley Edens is one of the principals of Fortress Investment Group, who the company will remain grateful to have on board. He has helped the company to get over difficult challenges that in encountered from time to time, through his competence. Fortress Investment Group, through the assistance of Wes Edens, formulated a structure that shows how the authority in the organization is shared among the executive owners of the company. For example, Randal Nardone would remain to be the president of the company and oversee the operations of the company at its headquarters. On the other hand, both Peter Briger and Wes Edens would hold influential positions in  company while at the same time playing a vital role in all the decisions made by the company.

Investing in different classes of assets is one of the investment strategies that a significant number of companies around the world have been using so that they can avoid losses. This strategy requires careful analysis and consideration of all the assets before making the final decision of which assets to choose. Wes Edens is an experienced financial analyst who has worked in the financial industry for a more extended period. He is the face behind diversification strategies at Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group remains in history to be the pioneer wealth manager to list its stocks in the stock market. The intentions of the company to sell almost 70% to the members of the public was criticized by a significant number of financial analyst and money market experts who noted that registering in the money market was not the best move. However, under the stewardship of Wes Edens, the company went ahead to enroll in the New York Securities Exchange after which it accessed a significant number of benefits.

His knowledge in assessing risks and uncertainties has come in handy in a time when financial entities are being exposed to continuous risks and uncertainties. It is through his experience that Wes Edens can determine the best investment opportunity that would bring income to the organization while at the same time minimizing risks. This explains why Fortress Investment Group can get some significant profits in almost all its investments around.

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End Citizens United: GOP For Sell

It is no secret that this coming 2018 midterms in November are going to be crucial in slowing down big money in Washington and finally introducing commonsense campaign reform. Quite literally, if the Republicans remain in control of Congress, that will be because of the enormous amounts of funds provided to them by corporations. funds that are keeping them afloat during a bleak time for the GOP are what ultimately may be their downfall in the end.

Trump and the Republicans like to describe themselves as the part of the everyday man, this, however, does not show in their actions. Recently the GOP passed a tax cut that favored by a 2-1 margin wealthy individuals and large corporations. Records show that some of the largest offenders of accepting corporate funds are directly from the GOP party who boast to be the champions of the middle class. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

Finance reform advocate End Citizens United, an organization formed after the Supreme court ruling of 2010 establishing the definition of corporations as “people” has conducted extensive research towards the source of funds that candidates receive. For Example, End Citizens United when conducting research on the race in Wisconsin to cover Paul Ryans seat saw that Democrat Randy Bryce collects 71.06 percent of his campaign funds from individual donors, compared to that of Republican Bryan Steil of only 5.82 percent.

It is because of this discrepancy in the percentage that End Citizens United is now hoping to use against the GOP. Many voters are scared of Trump which in turn are now donating to Democrats by large numbers while the GOP is relying on big corporate money to compete. End Citizens United is planning to weaponize the use of this by exposing them to the public as candidates who are not working for their constituents but the corporations that funnel millions of dollars to them.